Sunday, September 19, 2010

2011 Renault Kangoo and Clio Campus with a high discount

Renault Kangoo and Clio Campus
First member is the Renault Kangoo "Je t'aime" based on the second equipment line "Authentique". In addition, the high roof wagon features in this version of manual air conditioning and front fog lamps, also is the second sliding door as standard, and mirror housings and bumpers painted in body color.

Motor end only the 87-hp base engine is a choice, the colors, only the alternative red or blue. Customers will be able to get over this, not just figuratively probably thinking to themselves in love when they see the price tag. There, an amount of € 11 990, which are less than € 2710 for the regular basic model. The four extras on top of it indicates which adds up the savings according to Renault € 4760. Even if the account is normally a notional value of the "Authentique" not separately orderable encores, the scale is impressive.

Slightly less saving potential, but an unusually low base price of € 7990 offered by the Clio Campus, the predecessor of the current Clio, as "Je t'aime". Only available as a three-door, with only the 58-horsepower gasoline engine and only in red paint, the small car offering in addition to the normal standard specification manual air conditioning. The price adds up, with the same restriction as above, to around € 2500 - which equates to about 24 percent.

Interested parties should hurry, in both cases, for the special models are only 18-19 on the weekend. September and only 450 (Kangoo) and 500 times (Clio Campus) sold nationwide. And where is the hook, may one ask? Both models have neither head nor airbags ESP, and the engines meet only the EU4 emissions standard.
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