Monday, April 19, 2010

Piaggio MP3 300 CC Reviews

Piaggio MP3 300 CC Motorcycle Fotos
New Scooter Piaggio MP3 300 CC Motorcycle Fotos
Legendary Italian manufacturer of scooters, Piaggio plans to stop production of the Piaggio MP3 has a capacity of 250 cc engine and will replace it with the MP3, which brought slightly larger engine that is 300 cc.
Automatically transmit the motor which has three wheels will carry the technology ride-by-wire throttle control and will complete the line up for MP3 at the moment and will be amongst the MP3 capacity of 125, 400 and 500 cc.
This new model will carry a fuel injected engine capacity of 278cc and will replace the MP3 250, which brought 244 cc engine.MP3 300 next latest round of 22.5 hp at 6500 rpm. Strength MP3 300 is actually equal to 250 MP3, but the peak power can be achieved more quickly because the MP3 250 although the magnitude is also a new 22.5 hp but can reach it at 8250 rpm engine speed.
Similarly, torque, MP3 300 has a greater torque that is 17.1 ft-lb at 6500 rpm rotation, higher than the MP3 250 which only has a torque of 15.5 ft-lb at 6750 rpm only.
MP3 300 also will be using technologies other than ride-by-wire electronic throttle control, will also be fulfilled by a variety of electronic features that is claimed to be membaut smoothing, with the roar of the engine power is maintained.
Meanwhile, for his physical appearance, MP3 300 will be equipped with front and rear lamp design a new well that will be dominated headlight and taillight silver color futuristic design.
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