Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Honda New Small Concept unveiled at New Delhi show

Honda New Small Concept

India's Auto Expo 2010 kicked off this week and the first major concept to come out of New Delhi is this: the Honda New Small Concept.

Befitting its name, the New Small Concept is both compact and rather bland – particularly when compared to Honda's recent stylistic endeavors – but the five-door hatch is sure to find budget-minded buyers when it arrives in both India and Thailand in 2011.

Unfortunately, details on the proposed powertrain and interior are all but nonexistent, with Honda Siel Cars India Ltd. (Honda's Indian arm) simply stating that the HSC can fit five people and benefits from an "Efficient Energetic Exterior." For an inexpensive runabout, the HSC has potential to be a hit in emerging markets, but don't expect it to hit U.S. or European shores anytime soon. Make a break for the brief press release after the jump.
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